Taki Theodoracopoulos

Taki Theodoracopoulos (born August 11, 1937), better known as "Taki", is a Greek born British right wing journalist who writes for The Spectator and is co-editor with Pat Buchanan of The American Conservative magazine. He is also publisher of the British right-wing magazine Right Now!.

Taki comes from a wealthy Greek shipping-magnate family. He was married to Princess Alexandra Schoenburg and is well known for expressing an admiration of all things German, especially those that relate to the Wehrmacht.

Taki is a former captain of the Greek karate team, competed in the Davis Cup and is a keen skier. He has been the owner of a series of sailboats, until recently built of wood and with traditional sails, and is well known for his contempt of the modern "gin-palace" cruisers.

Taki is most famous for his lifestyle which involves a large consumption of alcohol, a great deal of gambling, and by all accounts, the pursuit of many young women. In this he reflects his open admiration for Ernest Hemmingway and for a more old-fashioned view of masculinity.

Taki has been tried and convicted of cocaine smuggling, for which he served a four month sentence in Pentonville prison.

He was prominent in the campaign to free the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, responsible for the death and torture of many thousands of "dissidents" in his country.

His Spectator columns have several times been accused of ethnic slurs. In 2003 he was investigated by Scotland Yard over a column he wrote that referred to a shooting incident in the north of England.[1] The complaint was filed by Peter Herbert, a lawyer and member of the Metropolitan Police Authority. Scotland Yard's "Diversity Directorate" assessed whether the piece incited racial hatred and thereby breaks the Public Order Act, for which the maximum sentence is two years. No charges were laid.

He is well-known for his far-right pronouncements, especially relating to ethnic minorities and women. Some of his more outrageous comments have been,

Taki on New York's Puerto Ricans

"A bunch of semi-savages ... fat, squat, ugly, dusky, dirty and unbelievably loud. They turned Manhattan into Palermo faster than you can say 'Latino'."

Taki on Africa

"Democracy is as likely to come to bongo-bongo land as I am to send a Concorde ticket to my children."

Taki on Britain's Black Population

"What politically correct newspapers refer to as 'disaffected young people' are black thugs, sons of black thugs and grandsons of black thugs ... West Indians were allowed to immigrate after the war [and] multiply like flies."

Taki on Cherie Blair

"Not that I'm calling Cherie Blair a whore. She couldn't be one even if she wanted to; not good-looking enough."

Taki on Hillary Clinton

"She, too, could not make a living from the world's oldest profession because of ugly looks and terrible ankles."

Taki on Himself

"I'm a family man, a provider, I pay my taxes, I'm white (although always sun-tanned) ... I inherited from my old man ... I employ people, I own a yacht ... you name it, I'm guilty of it."

Taki on William And Jack Straw

"In Cool Britannia we don't send the son of a left-wing prick like Straw to jail for dealing [drugs]; we vote him president of the Oxford Union (sic) instead. (Apparently he is as much of a dictator as his father, and just as phony)."

Taki on Bill Clinton And Tony Blair

"[They] are, of course, the masters of the direct lie, able to look straight into the camera and tell incredible whoppers that would make Mother Teresa blush. The man [Tony Blair] is pathetic, almost on the level of Bill Clinton, except for the hair."

Taki on Ian Hislop

"Hislop deals in ruining people's lives through falsehoods, half-truths and gossip ... When that court high up in the sky gives the final verdict, the poisoned dwarf will come off second best."

His animosity toward Hislop is based on the latter's frequent jibes at him in the magazine Private Eye. Taki was often described in the publication as "Taki Takealotofcokeupthenos". Taki sent a letter to the magazine, threatening legal action against being labelled a "cocaine dealer." The Eye was happy to issue a disclaimer, stating "Taki is not a cocaine dealer, merely a convicted cocaine smuggler, a liar, and fascist sympathiser." No legal action ensued.

By his own admission, due to his strong opposition to the behaviour of the Israeli government and its perceived supporters in the United States, The Spectator no longer permits him to write about Jews.


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