Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Eleftheria Arvanitaki (Ελευθερία Αρβανιτάκη ) (16.10.1956 ) is a Greek singer of Icarian descent, born in Piraeus. She started her career in singing in 1980, by joining the group "Opisthodromiki Kompania" / "Οπισθοδρομική Κομπανία" (Retrograde Company) and she made her first steps in singing. In 1981 she did her first guest appearance in discography, by featuring in the album of Vangelis Germanos titled "Ta Barakia". In August 2004 she participated in the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics.


Eleftheria has published the following personal albums.

Eleftheria Arvanitaki (1984) - In the meat market, Arab Flower, I was still out at dawn, I'll break glasses, What the girl wants tonight, No one hurt me, My baby, My nargileh why are you dying out, Popular cigarette, I'm always thinking of you, You're the reason I'm suffering, You are like the sea

Contraband (1986) - The coast, The moment, Fairytale, Don't speak, Alone again, All that I miss, You leaft early, So much in love, Contraband, A voice

Tanirama (1989) - Tanirama, The lake, In the bewitched orient, Only for a while, Why, Stolen life, Come back, Our childhood's voices, Maybe

I still remain an outcast (1991) - I still remain an outcast, Me, my heart, Face to face, Like a backing voice, Wave after wave, Dinata (strong possibility / original title), My beautiful love, In the same t-shirt, I reflect the mind (traditional gypsy song), The goodnight kisses, Not answering

The night is descending (1993) - If I deny you my love, Wake up my love, In the same t-shirt, Stolen life, Before the end (E. Arvanitaki, D. Zervoudakis), In the beginning of the song, Wave after wave, At the edges of your eyes, Serah, I'll drink the moon tonight, Letter to a poet (Dimitris Zervoudakis), One evening at Sou-Mi-Djou (E. Arvanitaki, D. Zervoudakis), The seagulls (E. Arvanitaki, D. Zervoudakis, A. Alifragi), I'm in love with your eyes, I'll sing seven songs to you, The Red Dress, Love Song, My poor heart, Dawn's minor (Anthoula Alifragi), Solo Clarinet (Instrumental), Yianni mou to mandili sou (John, your scarf), Dynata (Strong Possibility), The goodnight kisses

The Bodies and The Knives (1994) - Blow on my soul, Shadows and Colors, The bodies and the knives, Like Rain, Blck cypress, All come true, The boat, The Ropes, I wouldn't drink wine, My heart stays awake tonight, Smilin photograph, Complaint (Yar Ko Parag) - Exile (Bingeol), Exile

Zontana stous vrahous - Summer 95 (1995) - Instrumental, Meno Ektos (I still remain an outcast), Dynata (Strong Possibility)

Greatest Hits (1995) - At the beginning of the song, Upon the edges of your eyes, You left early, Love song, The coast, The red dress, A firm No, This evening, Enchanted Night, The ribbon, Under the spells of Arabia, Zehrah, Nobody has ever hurt me (My poor heart), I'll break glasses, My girl fancies a stroll by the sea tonight, You look just like the sea, I've been dying away from you for years now, Αrabic flower

Songs for the Months (1996) - First Equinox, Sappho Lyrics, Taximi (intrumental bouzouki solo), Slight-Song, I told you of the clouds, I sing only because you loved me, The complaint Lyrics Lyrics in Greeklish, Let's go again to the miracles, Agamemnon, Second Equinox (Instrumental), Summer took everything, To a former fellow student, Black pawns, The wild beast of longing, Like a secret love

Off the Road (1998) - Serviko Solo / Bouzouki solo, The Reverly (E. Arvanitaki, S. Goumas), Tonight at your neighbourhood, Good luck to my boyfriend (E. Arvanitaki, M. Pappos), Extreme Danger, Today, tomorrow, now (what difference would it make?), Light drizzle, I've gone ashtray for you, I was born to feel pain, Cloudy Sunday, I'm not weeping for the present, How precious you are, The bird, The quilt, A thousand nights, My whole life, My story, Baby get up and dance (Spiros Goumas), Why did I ever fall in love with you, My black swallow - The Weeds - Black Sea (E. Arvanitaki, M. Achalinotopoulos), Dance, Our shabby fishing boat, Djivaeri, In the waters of the Aegean Sea, My apple and tangerine, At the oleander's bud - The doctor (Manos Achalinotopoulos - E. Arvanitaki), The Amaranth, Complaint, Of the exile (Moon, you 've cast your spell on me) (M. Pappos), I won't love again, Woman's heart (Sotiris Lemonidis)

The very best of 1989-1998 (1999) - Dinata (Strong Possibility), Τo kokkino foustani (The red dress), Meno Ektos (I still remain an outcast), Skies kai chromata (Shadows and Colours), Pame xana sta thavmata (Lets go again to the miracles), Tou pothou t' agrimi (The wild beast of longing), Ta kormia ke ta macheria, Fissa phichi mou (Blow on, my soul), Kathreftizo to nou (I reflect the mind), Lianotragoudo (Slight-song), Kima to Kima (Wave after wave), Parapono / I xenitia (Complaint / Exile), Το parapono (The complaint), Tis kalinichtas ta filia (The goodnight kisses)

Songs for the Months - The third side (2000) - The Complaint, Slight-song, Agamemnon, Black Pawns, Summer took everything

Broadcast (2001) - Walking on the waters, This Kiss, An Old Story (La Femme Sans Haine), Driven In, Your glass up high, Words I held on to, For the color of your eyes, Fire and Snow (duet with Dulce Pontes), Down at the great sleep, I'm nostalgic for the future

Live at the Gyalino Mousiko Theatro (2002) - My beautiful love, End/Everything begins here, Remember me, I'll close my eyes, Drop by drop, I want to stay by you, The complaint, Complaint/Foreign land, You left early, Tell me one word, The zero

Eleftheria Arvanitaki Live (2003) - My beautiful love, Sodade (duet with Cesaria Evora), Strong possibility, The bodies and the knives, Instrumental, I'll break glasses, Complaint/Foreign Land, I still remain an outcast, The complaint, I'll close my eyes, Drop by Drop, I want to stay by you, Remember me, You left early, Tell me one word, End (Everything begins here), The Zero

Three Songs (2004) - I'm going to touch the sky, My friends don't love you, There is no end here

Ola sto fos (Everything brought to light) (2004) - Take me in your arms and let us go (Pare me agalia keh pame), There is no return (Den ehei epistrofi), Visitors (Episkeptes), It's dawning (Ximeronei), In your life (Mes sti diki sou ti zoi), Till daybreak (Os ta haramata), Love no longer lives here (O erotas de menei pia edo), Everything brought to light (Ola sto fos), I go touch heaven (Pao na piaso ourano), Wish me sweet dreams (Pes mou oneira glyka), What do you give me for my return? (Ti mou dineis na giriso), A song about freedom (Ena tragoudi gia tin eleftheria), Like a breeze (San aeraki)

She also took part in four more albums, from "Opisthodromiki Kompania".


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