Loukas Panourgias

Loukas Panourgias (born 1899 in Levadia) was a Greek footballer. At the age of 12 he found himself in Athens and a year later he was said to be the founder and the soul of the unofficial team called Victory. All football fans were talking about this chap with the great talent. Kalafatis didn't miss the chance and a little while later Panourgias was already sharing the vision of Panathinaikos, who then was still called PPO (Panellinios Podosfairikos Omilos). Being a trace champion he chose football even though he was part of the Olympic team for the Games of Antwerp. Unluckily though, he broke his leg and consequently did not participate in the Olympic Games. With his strong willpower he managed to overcome his injury and helped Panathinaikos in the following five years.

Panourgias fought like no one else for the acquirement of the stadium of Panathinaikos at the Alexandras Ave. Together with some other athletes and friends of the team he transformed the area of Perivolas to a football field which was offered to our team by the municipality of Athens in 1922. After the end of his football career was distinguished as a lawyer while he also was the president of Panathinaikos and of EPO. He died in 1981.

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