Archaeological Museum of Dion

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Isis, 2nd c. BC, Dion Museum, Greece

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House of "Leda"

Sanctuary of Asclepius

Sanctuary of Isis

Sanctuary of Zeus

Alliance agreement between the Macedonian king Philip V and the citizens of Lysimacheia at Thrace

Great Baths


Nemesis (Retribution) stepping on Adikia ( (Injustice)

River God Baphyras

Tools and Devices, Instrumens

The Hydraulis of Dion

Stone processing tools

Christian Grave Stones

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Archaeological Site , Dion Greece

Dion was a small settlement but an important place in Macedonia. The archaeological Museum of Dion with its collection gives only an idea. Lysippus for example produced a group of 25 horsemen, companions of Alexander who was produced in memory for those who died in the Battle of Granicus. These sculptures in Dion were later transported from Dion to Rome by the Romans.

The name of Dion is derived from Dias (Zeus) the Olympian god. The Macedonian kings used to celebrate their victories and to offer to Zeus in Dion. Except the sanctuary of Zeus there was a sanctuary of Demeter and Aphrodite Hypolympidia (below Olympus), and since the Roman times also a sanctuary of the Egyptian goddess Isis Lochia. Many objects shown in the Museum are from the Roman period when many Romans lived in Dion. The Baths, and houses such as the complex known as Dionysos House were decorated with Mosaics. One important such is the Mosaic of Dionysus. Only a fraction of Dion has been studied and many more years are required to complete the archaeological work which started 1973.

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