Kourion , House of the Gladiators, Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

The luxurious private house or alternatively a small public training ground (Palaestra) is situated between the nymphaeum and the house of Achilles near the northwestern edge of the hill; it is named after the subject matter represented on its mosaic floor.
According to the excavators it was constructed in the second half of the 3rd century, an era when the mosaic floor enjoyed considerable popularity. It was destroyed by earthquakes in the 4th century AD.

Besides the atrium VIII in which the gladiator mosaics were places (VIIIζ), the House of Gladiators comprises three galleries (porticoes) (VII, IX, XVII), small chambers, a central room with three openings (triforium) (III) and a cluster of private baths annexed to its eastern side (XVIII-XXVIII).

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