A7 motorway (Cyprus)

The A7 is a planned Motorway to link the city of Paphos with Polis, a small town in the north west of the island.


This motorway is one of the oldest demands of locals, due to number of accidents happened on the B7 road (current route towards Polis), and due to the constant heavy traffic on it. Τhis is the first motorway project in Cyprus, which is performed through the Design, Build, Finance and Operate method (DBFO). After several bureaucratic delays[1], plans are completed, and offers were made from 5 construction consortia. After careful consideration it has been decided that a consortium called "Kinyras" is chosen and the A7 will be the most expensive road project ever being held by the Republic of Cyprus, with an 447 million Euros price tag. Plans include 3 tunnels 7 bridges, 8 grade separated interchanges and 25 underpasses [2]. More negotiations are about to take place with Kinyras. Main issue will be the possibility the motorway will have 4 lanes until the village of Stroumpi and 2 until Polis. The project is planned to take 4 years until completion [3].


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