Phini, Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

Foini or Phini (Greek : ), is a village in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. The city is somewhat famous for its pottery. The city is notable for its pottery, made by Yiannakis Pilavaki. there is a museum which is run by the older brother of Yianniakis, Phani. The town of Kato Plátres is located nearby.


Year Population


1960 924
1982 676
1992 558
2001 450

Phini, Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

Phini, Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

Archbishop of Cyprus Sophronios III statue in Phini, Sophronios III was born in Phini. His parents were Panagiotis Antoniou from Phini and Christina Michail from Prodromos. Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

Dimos Irodotou (Δήμος Ηροδότου) and Efstathios Xenofontos (Ευστάθιος Ξενοφώντος) Members of EOKA. Dimos Irodotou was born in Dora but he lived in Phini, he died 21 January 1957 . Efstathios Xenofontos died 22 March 1957 after an explosion of a bomb which he carried to the British base of Akrotiri to be used against the military equipment.
Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

Community Council President: Christalkis Mesaritis


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