Television in Cyprus

( Source : Aspect of Cyprus)


Colour: PAL Systems: B&G

* Digital: DVB, to convert terrestrial transmissions by 2012 in line with EU policy

Public Television Stations

* Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC/PIK/KYK)
o CyBC 1
o CyBC 2
* BRT - in Occupied North of Cyprus only
o BRT 1
o BRT 2

Private Channels

* ANT1 Cyprus (see also ANT1)
* CNC Plus TV
* Mega Channel Cyprus (Logos TV until the late-1990s), see also Mega Channel
* Sigma TV

Pay TV Networks

* Alfa TV
* Lumiere TV

International Channels

* RIK Sat - (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa)

Local Channels

* Fred TV - Nicosia, Cyprus
* Capital TV - Limassol, Cyprus
* Extra TV - Limassol, Cyprus
* Vox TV - Larnaca, Cyprus
* Paphos TV - Paphos, Cyprus
* Omega TV - Paphos, Cyprus


BFBS, available to HM Forces stationed in the Sovereign Base Areas only, via encrypted DVB-T

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