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Sigma TV is a commercial network in Cyprus that first hit the air on April 3, 1995. It is a private service and is currently the second-rated channel in Cyprus. Sigma TV is geared at a younger audience, with the focus on the 18-45 age group. It broadcasts a mix of original programmes as well as popular foreign programming. The current programming breakdown is as follows: Local- 40%, US- 15%, Greece- 5% and Latin American- 40%. Sigma is a general entertainment station with a of programming including Children's shows, sports, news, movies, series and popular Telenovelas from Latin America.

Sigma TV has affiliation agreements with two networks from Greece- Star Channel, which features mainly Gossip News programming and MAD TV, the leading Music station in Greece. In addition, it has secured programming deals with major studios from the U.S. and around the world.

Sigma TV claims: We are the first rated network in Cyprus. Sigma broadcasts hit series from Latin America, the U.S. and a wide array of original programming. In addition, it has sports programming, children's shows and various current affairs programs.

News & Information

* Tomes Sta Gegonota- Daily newcast with live reports and informative discussion with all the headlines from around the world.

* Me Agapi- Informative discussion on current affairs and key issues. From personal issues to problems affecting society as a whole.

* Etsi Apla... me tin Mairi Haritonos- Talkshow that examines economic issues affecting everyday life; unemployment, inequality, taxes- how people deal with these problems. Also a look at Cyprus' role in the Global economy. Hosted by Μary Haritonos, Tuesdays at 11:10pm

Cypriot Serials

* Μίλα μου- Drama
* Βασιλική- Drama
* Βουράτε Γειτόνοι (Season 4)- Comedy
* Εν Πάμε Καλά-
* Ο Τέλειος Αντρας- Romantic comedy
* Οι Αδιάφθοροι (Season 1)- Comedy
* Οι Τάκκοι (Season 3)- Comedy
* Όταν Μεγαλώσω- Comedy
* Τα Κοπέλια- Comedy
* Τα Χρυσόψαρα- Comedy
* Ζωή Ποδήλατο- Comedy
* Βεντέτα- Comedy
* 30+Κάτι


Greece (From Star Channel)

* Fort Boyard- gameshow
* Super Star- reality show


* Ally McBeal
* North Shore (TV Series)
* Birds of Prey
* City Guys
* C.S.I. Miami
* Hack
* Hang Time
* It's All Relative
* Jake 2.0
* Jesse
* Mr. Bean
* One World
* Relic Hunter
* Smallville
* Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
* Tarzan
* The Sentinel


* Mi Gorda Bella (My Beautiful Chubby Girl)
* Pasión de gavilanes (Erotic Passions)
* Verano del 98 (Butterflies)
* Gypsies
* PrisioneraRoxanne
* La heredera The Heiress


* ALIVE- Variety program with music, dancing, games and more. Hosted by Stefanos Constantinou, Eliana Aravi and George Georgiou, airs daily at 11:15am.

* Cocktail- News and events from the world of showbiz, featuring gossip about the stars, info from the world of television, music and modelling. A look at the local entertainment scene in Cyprus as well as abroad. Hosted by Marcia Thracivoulou.

* MAD TV- Music and entertainment program featuring the 'best of MAD TV', Greece's premier music channel.

* Αόρατος Φακός- Hidden camera comedy show similar to Candid Camera

* Κόντρα πλάκες- Gameshow similar to Family Feud

* Πού Πάμε;... Sketch comedy show

* Στην Υγειά μας- Imported from NET in Greece, Variety program that focuses on entertaining viewers with music, featuring live performances by in-studio performers. Hosted by Spiro Papadopoulo


Sigma TV featuring an extensive block of Children's programming including two of its own productions- ΑΒ Αlafavita and Μe to Ni kai me to Sigma. Through a partnership with Buena Vista International, Sigma has the rights to the Jetix library of shows which include:

* My Little Pony
* Yu-Gi-Oh
* Pokemon
* Iznogoud
* Barney
* Super Mario
* Spider-Man

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