and the temple of Zeus Ithomatas on the summit of the acropolis with a statue by the famous Argive sculptor

Population: (2001)

Messenian Gulf
5 m(centre)
around 200 m
Postal code: 242 00
Area/distance code: 11-30-27220 (030-27510)-2 to 4
Municipal code: 3822
Car designation: KM
3-letter abbreviation: KAB
Name of inhabitants: Messenian

or Messinian sing., -s pl.

Address of administration: 13 D. Karatza St.
Messini 242 00

Messene remained a place of some importance under the Romans, but we hear nothing of it in medieval times and then the hamlet of Mavromati occupies a small part of the site. The city has been revived, and is home to 6693 people (2001). The present location of Messini is about 2 to 2.5 km S of the archaeological site. Messene is a suburb of Kalamata nowadays. It is no longer the capital of Messenia.

Messini has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a post office, and squares (plateia) named Kentriki Plateia or Central Square. The square is surrounded with a few pine trees with a building to the southwest, grass with two walkways to the north along with a few palm trees; a famous white clock tower without windows is in the middle of the square.

The town is accessed by Greece Interstate 82 (Pylos - Kalamata - Sparta) which has been bypassed in the south and a road to Efa (Eua) to the north. The nearest beach is in the southwest. The farmlands which used to resemble a wetland are to the southeast.

Messini used to have a railway station from the 1900s with a connection of the SPAP line about 5 km east and the westernmost terminus of this line, until the abandonment in the late 20th century.

Landmarks near Messene today include the airport of Kalamata at its east, and beaches south of the city.

Nearest places

Division of the municipality

Historical population

Year Communal population Municipal population
1981 6854 -
1991 6453 10493
2001 6693 11041

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Municipalities and communities of the Messinia Prefecture

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