Nea Kameni

A Trip to Néa Kamméni in the centre of the caldera [Source]

Santorini Google Earth,

Landsat photo of Santorini. The largest island is Thera, the smaller island top left is Therasia. The three small islands are Aspronisi (in the southern channel between Therasia and Thera), Palea Kammeni and Nea Kammeni (nearest the centre of the caldera). There are also two cruise liners visible in the enlarged picture [Source]

Nea Kameni or Nea Kammeni is a small uninhabited greek island of volcanic origin located in the Bay of Santorini

It was first formed in 16th century through volcanic eruptions, and was enlarged the same way. The last (small) eruption happened in 1950.

It is nearly round and has a diameter of approximately 2 kilometres and an area of 3.4 kilometres2

Nea Kameni, Photo by Stan Zurek 4.6.2006, (Source)

The nearly barren island is visited daily by dozens of tourist boats throughout the summer. The visitors then take to climbing a difficult path to 150 metre high volcanic crater, from which a sulpherous smoke rises, that transformes the environment into a "yellow wasteland

Nea Kameni before and after the eruption of 1866. The name Georgios was given to parts in honor of King George. Other smaller islands are Aphroessa and Mikra Kameni.

1570/3 vulcanic eruption produces the island Mikra Kameni.

23 May 1707 - 14 September 1711, seismic activities, lava flow, form and modifie the island Nea Kameni

26 January 1866 - 15 October 1870 vulcanic activities increase the size of Nea Kameni.

11 August 1925 - January 1926, May 1926 and 23 January 1928 - 17 March 1928. Vulcanic activities, the small Dafni island is formed. Vulcanic material fills the gap between the small islands Mikra Kameni, Dafni and Nea Kameni forming a new Nea Kameni island.

20 August 1939 - July 1941 : the domes Tritonas, Ktenas, Fouqué, Niki, Reck and Smith are formed by vulcanic activity.

10 January 1950 - 2 February 1950. Vulcanic activity produced the dome Liatsikas east of the Georgios crater

Ferdinand André Fouqué c. 1870, author of Santorin et ses eruptions, 1879; (with Michel-Lévy) Minéralogie micrographique, Roches éruptives françaises (2 vols., 1879);

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