Perissa is a village of Santorini., population 473 (2001), 13 km from Fira, part of the municipal district of Emporeio.

The church of Agia Eirini (Irini) from the end of the 5th century was found 1992 near the hill Mesa, near another church of Agia Eirini. It will probably take many years until the important byzantine monument will be excavated and which is believed to be the reason of the name Santorini given to the island (Santa Irini)

The chuch Panagia Panagia Katefiani is on a side of the hill Mesa. The church was named because it was a secure place for the vilages when they were attacked.

Hill of Profitis Ilias seen from Perissa, Santorini, Greece, Photo by Stan Zurek 31.5.2006, (Source)

Black volcanic sand from the beach in Perissa, Santorini, Greece , Photo by Stan Zurek 5.6.2006, (Source)

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