Antonios Kriezis

Antonios Kriezis (Greek: ) (1796 - 1865), a soldier fought for the Greek War of Independence of 1821 and later ran as the Prime Minister of Greece.

Kriezis is descended from the family of the island of Hydra and was born in Troizina in 1796. In July, 1821, he served in the Greek navy and he took places in the nautical battles in Samos and the battleship of Spetses. In 1825 with Kanaris and fired an Egyptian boat inside the port of Alexandria. In 1828, John Capodistria displaced the commander of the navy squadron and in 1829, and surrendered Vonitsa from the Turks.

With Otto in 1836, he became minister of the navy, from August 10, 1841, he served as prime minister (with no constitution that time, the actual prime minister was Otto of Greece) in place which lasted to the September 3 Revolution of 1843. Krieiza served as Prime Minister of Greece between December 24, 1849 until May 28, 1854 and preceded from and succeeded by Konstantinos Kanaris.

He died in Athens in 1865

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Kriezis (D-217) a battleship served between 1980 and 1993.

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Greek War of Independence of 1821

Preceded by: Konstantinos Kanaris
Prime Minister of Greece 1849–1854
Succeeded by: Konstantinos Kanaris

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