Aristidis Moraïtines

Aristides Moraïtines (Greek: Αριστειδης Μοραïτινης) (1806-1875) was born in Smyrna (now İzmir, Turkey). He was educated in France, but during the reign of King Otto, he was a staunch member of the Russian Party. He served as Prime Minister of Greece for a few days in February of 1863 during the period between the coup d'etat against King Otto and the arrival of the new Danish-born Prince William who would be known in Greece as King George I. Moraïtines was made Prime Minister a second time for a little over a month in 1868. He died in 1875.

Preceded by Dimitrios Voulgaris
Prime Minister of Greece February 21, 1863 - February 24, 1863
Succeeded by Zinovios Valvis

Preceded by Alexandros Koumoundouros
Prime Minister of Greece January 1, 1868 - February 6, 1868
Succeeded by Dimitrios Voulgaris

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