Zinovios Zafirios Valvis

Zinovios Zafirios Valvis ()(1800 - 1872) was a Greek politician and Prime Minister.

Valvis was born in 1800 in Messolonghi. He first studied theology but switched to law, furthering his studies in Italy. Valvis married Arsinoe Ratzikosta and fathered nine children. He twice served as prime minister but fell on hard times in his old age, dying impoverished in 1872 after refusing a state pension so as not to be a burden on the Greek state. Zinovios Valvis was the brother of Dimitrios Valvis who also served as Prime Minister.

Preceded by Aristidis Moraitinis
Prime Minister of Greece February 24, 1863 - April 9, 1863
Succeeded by Diomidis Kyriakos

Preceded by Konstantinos Kanaris
Prime Minister of Greece April 28, 1864 - August 7, 1864
Succeeded by Konstantinos Kanaris

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