Georgios Karaiskakis

Georgios Karaiskakis

Georgios Karaiskakis, (Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης in Greek) (Αχιλλέας της Ρωμιοσύνης / Achilles of the Romiosini according to K. Palamas), (1782 around Mavromatti Karditsa – 23 April in Neo Faliro / Attica) was a leader of the Greek War of Independence.

During the early stages of the war, Karaiskakis served in the militia in the Morea (Peloponnese), where he participated in the intrigues that divided the Greek leadership. Nonetheless, he recognized the necessity of providing Greece with a stable government and was a supporter of John Capodistria who would later become Greece's first head of state.

Karaiskakis's reputation grew during the middle and latter stages of the war. He helped to lift the first siege of Missolonghi in 1823, and attempted to save the town from the second did his best to save the town from its second siege in 1826. That same year, he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Greek patriotic forces in Rumelia, achieving a mixed response: while failed to cooperate effectively with other leaders of the independence movement or with the foreign sympathizers fighting alongside the Greeks, he gained some military successes against the Ottomans, which were especially welcome amid the disasters that were occurring elsewhere.

In 1827, Karaiskakis participated in the failed attempt to raise the siege of Athens, and attempted to prevent the massacre of the Turkish garrison stationed in the fort of Saint Spyridon. He was injured and he died one day later.

Theodoros P. Vryzakis The Camp of Karaiskakis in Kastela

Georgios Karaiskakis , G. Margaritis

Georgios Karaiskakis Monument in Athens (Greek Wikipedia)

Karaiskaki Stadium in Athens is named for him.


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