ANT1 Gold

ANT1 Gold is a spin-off satellite channel from Antenna Group, who own the popular Greek network ANT1. It launched in 2002 on Nova, Greece's DBS provider. It features all the top-rated programs that have aired on ANT1 over the years including comedies, dramas, gameshows and more. ANT1 Gold runs on a 12hr schedule, airing daily from 8am to 8pm.

ANT1 Gold will soon be available to international audiences as it intends to launch in North America on Dish Network as part of Antenna Group's new international expansion plans. Subsequent launches may include Australia as well at a later date.

  • The line-up of programs includes classic episodes of the following shows:

  • Proinos Kafes (popular entertainment program)
  • Thisavrofilakio (gameshow)
  • Lampsi (popular soap opera)
  • Kalimera Zoi (popular soap opera)
  • Big Brother (Greek version of popular reality series)

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