ERT Digital

ERT Digital or ERT Psifiaki is a new pilot project from ERT, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is the launch of Digital Terrestrial Television, featuring 3 new digital television channels: Cine+, Prisma+ and Sport+. It officially launched in early 2006 and is fueling the transition to an all Digital world in preparation for the 2012 deadline to switch from Analogue to Digitial television as set by the European Union. The project is being funded through ERT SA's budget and their is presently no advertising on any channel.

In the intial phase of the program, each channel will broadcast between 6-10 hrs. of original programming. This will last approximately 1-2 years in which time it is anticipated that new programming will be produced for each channel. ERT also hopes to launch at least 2 more digital channels at some point in the future- a lifestyle channel and a children's channel. The programming on the 2 digital channels is separate and distinct from that featured on ERT's 3 analouge services- ERT1, NET and ERT3.

ERT Digital is currently available to approximately 65% of the population but is expected to be available nation-wide soon. It is broadcasting Free-To-Air without any subscription cost through the use of a set-top box. The issue of paying for the 3 digital channels has been an area of contention with many Greek citizens as ERT is funded through a fee that is levied on all residents through their hydro bills. They content that they should not have to pay for something they are not receiving.


Cine+ features Cultural programmes, documentaries and films from ERT's vast programming archives.

Prisma+ will focus on entertainment as well as news & information. Prisma+ will be the first channel that is fully accessible to people with disabilities thanks to the use of digital technology.

Sport+ focus is on Sports with coverage of live events from soccer to basketball and more as well as sports-themed shows.


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