Germanos Chain of Stores

The Germanos Chain of Stores is a multinational chain of retail electronic goods vendors. They specialize in offering high-end electronic devices such as computers, digital cameras, mp3 players and cellular phones. They also offer fixed and mobile telephony as well as internet solutions. They belong to the Germanos Group which in turn is indirectly owned by the Greek mobile operator Cosmote.

The Germanos Group started as a battery shop in Athens in 1980, but then the subsidiary Germanos Stores was created to take charge of the retail points of the company. Since it has expanded into the Balkans and Eastern Europe . In 2006 the holding company of the Germanos stores was bought by a subsidiary of the Greek mobile operator Cosmote, Cosmoholding Cyprus LTD.

Cosmote Controversy

In the beginning Germanos stores offered in Greece mobile connections with Telestet (now WIND Greece) and Cosmote. Later, in 2005 Vodafone Greece gave permission to Germanos to offer its connections. In 2006 when a subsidiary of Cosmote bought the company, Wind and Vodafone pulled their support from the stores, stating that it would lead to unfair treatment towards them in order to enhance support to its in-house mobile operator.

International expansion

Germanos stores expanded throughout the last years in Greece, Cyprus and many Easter Europe countries counting as of 2007 960 retail points.

Germanos retail stores are found in:

* Greece
* Bulgaria
* Cyprus
* the Republic of Macedonia
* Poland
* Romania
* Ukraine

Germanos Chain of Stores
Type Private
Founded 1980
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Industry Retail
Products Retail Stores
Parent Germanos Group
Slogan Connecting you with Tecnology



* Germanos retail Greek website

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