Evenus River

Evinos River view from the bridge of Bania.

The Evinos River or Evenus River (Greek: Potamos Evinou) is a river that flows entirely in the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. The river begins near the four boundaries area of the Aitoloakarnania, Evrytania, Phthiotis and Phocis in the Vardousia mountains, the length is about 60 to 70 km. The river was first mentioned in Homeric times and was known in the ancient times. It now empties into the reservoir of Lake Evinos, that is about 10 km² and eliminated a village. The river flows into the forested valley and into the populated areas, it empties into the Gulf of Patras east of the Acheloos near a tall mountain. Evinochori owes its name to its nearby river. The GR-5/E55 (Antirrio - Agrinio - Ioannina) runs over the river.

The Evenus River is the place where Heracles and Dianeira met the Centaur Nessos . There is also a river god with the same name probably the same person as the father of Marpessa.

Places near the river






Due to the flooding of the area, a new dam was ordered by the Aitoloakarnanian government to construct a dam near the four-boundaries region of northern Nafpaktia. It took nearly one year and was completed in 2003. Its area is about 5 to 10 km², the height and the depth is approximately 50 m. It was visited and recorded on the Greek travelling programme Exodus in 2006 even though, it was recorded in 2003. It rarely supplies water to the area.

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