Aphrodite of Pagasae

Pagasae (Greek, Modern: Παγασές, Ancient/Katharevousa Παγασαί) was an ancient city in Magnesia (east central Greece), now a suburb of the modern city of Volos.
Pagasae was on the coast of Magnesia, and on the bay called after it Sinus Pagasaeus or Pagasicus.

It was the port of Iolcos, and afterwards of Pherae, and is celebrated in mythology as the place where Jason built the ship Argo. Hence the adjective Pagasaeus is applied to Jason, and is also used in the general sense of Thessalian. Apollo is called Pagasaeus from having a temple at the place.

Construction of the Argo ship left side Athena and Tiphys the pilot in the center. The Ship is build in Pagasae According to Winkelmann the tree represents the forest of Pelion and the building the Temple of Apollo in the region

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