Sicilian Expedition

"The Romans knew not, and could not know, how deeply the greatness of their own posterity, and the fate of the whole Western world, were involved in the destruction of the fleet of Athens in the harbour of Syracuse. Had that great expedition proved victorious, the energies of Greece during the next eventful century would have found their field in the West no less than in the East; Greece, and not Rome, might have conquered Carthage; Greek instead of Latin might have been at this day the principal element of the language of Spain, of France, and of Italy; and the laws of Athens, rather than of Rome, might be the foundation of the law of the civilized world."- The 15 decisive battle of the world, by Edward Creasy

The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian expedition to Sicily from 415 BC to 413 BC, during the (The Free Press, 1996) ISBN 0-684-82815-4

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Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War.

Eight fragments, from at least two stelai, of a series of Athenian resolutions concerning the Sicilian Expedition

Peloponnesian War
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