Andronicus IV

Andronicus IV (Andronikos IV Palaiologos ) was Byzantine emperor from 1376 to 1379. He was the son of John V, but rebelled against his father when the Ottoman sultan Murad I forced John into vassalage in 1373. Andronicus had allied with Murad's son who was rebelling against his own father, but both rebellions failed. Murad blinded his son and demanded that John have Andronicus blinded as well, but John blinded only one of his son's eyes.

In 1376 the Genoese helped him escape from prison and take control of Constantinople. However, he was immediately attacked by Genoa's enemies, the Venetians, and was overthrown by them in 1379. The Venetians restored John V to the throne. He rebelled again, unsuccessfully, in 1385, and died soon afterwards.


Byzantine Emperor

Preceded by: John V Palaeologus

Succeeded by: John V Palaeologus

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