Anthimos Gazis

Anthimos Gazis was a scholar and philosopher during the Greek Enlightenment. Anthimos Gazis was born in Milies on Mount Pelion in Greece in 1758 and died in 1828. His real name was Anastasios Gazalis.

Gazis taught in Vizitsa (a village near Milies) and went to Constantinople where he was ordained Archimandrite. He became rector of the Greek Church of Vienna in 1797. In 1811 he received his Diploma from the “Philological Institute of Bucharest”. In 1813 Gazis was elected a Member of the Academy of Munich. At the same time Jacobs and Thiersch were teaching there. This is based on records of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. He recognized as a hero of the Greek War of Independence.

He published a newspaper in Vienna, Austria titled "Logios Ermis". He translated (and appended) the Benjamin Martin’s “Philosophical Grammar”. This was published in 1799 by Gazis himself under the title: "Anthimos’s Gazis translation of Benjamin Martin’s “Philosophical Grammar”".

It is found that Gazis was a man with many philosophical quests who made an effort to develop a higher education system in Greece. He travelled across all Europe in turbulent times for this purpose. There are a lot of his manuscripts in the Public Library of Milies.

Fotis Vassileiou and Barbara Saribalidou published a book in 2006 concerning for first time his contribution to european higher education and lifelong learning.


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