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AO Koropi or Koropi FC (Greek: ΑΟ Κορωπί) is a football club based in Koropi, Greece. It was founded in 1927. Its logo and jerseys are blue white with its stripes in its shield-like logo. The team plays in the Antonis Priftis Stadium. The team never one any title.


From 1930, it brought its first game until 1940 when it won the championships in the area of Mesogeia.

From 1961, it played in the Athens premier division and for a few years made it to the Athens and the National first division. From 1969 until 1977, the team remained in the first division and were one of the greatest spaces in the junction of the team. After its large period in the local championships, Koropi FC won and returned itself into the national third division in 2006 and currently plays since. From 2004, it plays in the East Attica Football Clubs Association after its separation.

ΑΟ Κορωπί
AO Koropi

Full name Athltiki Omilos, Koropi
Founded 1927
Ground Antonis Priftis Stadium
Koropi, Greece
Capacity 1586

Chairman Panagiotis Pantou
Manager Spyros Maragkos
League East Attica Football Clubs Association
Third Division

2006-07 Third Division - National


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