Greece, Ancient Greek Technology

Iron Hand, Archimedes. Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Polybius states that catapults and balistae of various sizes were successfully used against the enemy ; that in their nearer approach they were galled by arrows shot not only from the top of the walls, but through port-holes constructed in numerous places ; that machines which threw masses of stone or lead, of a weight not less than ten talents, discharged their contents on the Roman engines, which had been previously caught by ropes ; that iron hands (maniis ferrea) or hooks, attached to chains, were thrown so as to catch the prows of the vessels, which were then overturned by the besieged, and that the same machines were used to catch the assailants on the land side, and dash them to the ground. Charles Anthon

From "Ancient Greek Technology" exhibition at the Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Centre in Carob Mill Limassol

Replicas and Reconstruction by Prof . Kostas Kotsanas and his students

Ancient Greek Technology

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