Greece, Ancient Greek Technology

Nautical Odometer. Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Mechanism for accurate measurement of sea distance. It consisted of a box with co-operating gearwheels and an endless screw connected to a hydrokinetic winged wheel. The periphery of the wheel inside the wings touched sea level. The box was placed either on a float drawn by the ship or on the ship's internal sidewall with the wheel shaft penetrating the inner sidewall. The wheel rotated according to the speed of the ship. A calibrated disc (within the box), embedded on the shaft of the last gearwheel, indicated the distance traveled.
Sources: Heron of Alexandria, On dioptra


From "Ancient Greek Technology" exhibition at the Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Centre in Carob Mill Limassol

Replicas and Reconstruction by Prof . Kostas Kotsanas and his students