Kaiafa or Thermal Springs of Kaiafa (Greek, Modern: Καϊάφας, Ancient/Katharevousa: -s), older form Kaiafas, is a spa in the community and the municipality of Zacharo in the southcentral part of the prefecture of Ilia. It is located 300 km or 347 km WSW of Athens, 32 km ESE of Pyrgos, 20 km S of Olympia, nearly 55 km W of Andritsaina and 100 km W of Megalopoli, nearly 32 km N of Kyparissia and approx. 90 km NW of Kalamata. The lake is not related to the Kaiafa Lagoon E of Olympia.

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  • Latitude: 37.514 (37°30'50') N
  • Longitude: 21.6 (21°36') E

Postal code: 270 54

Elevation: sea level to 5 m

Dialing code: +11+30-26250-3 (030-26250)-3

Historical population

Year Communal population Change
1981 - -
1991 35 -
2001 114 79/225.71%

The population in percentage between 1991 and 2001 is one of fastest in the prefecture but not in numbers.

It is famous for its spas and springs. The lake is situated and is east of GR-9/E55. Much of the area are covered with pine forests. The area to the east is mount Lapitha and more mountains to its east. It also has a beach which its sands are a little larger becales it includes some sand dunes. It is west of the train station which is right next to the highway and the entrance to the lake. The springs also has caves. Waterskis are performed in the lake. Wetlands encircle the lake. The lake is also a myhtical place to wakeboard and waterski. The area where the peninsula's most number of lagoons are founded north of Kaiafa.


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