Population: (2001)
Communes: 29

about 400 m
430 m(centre)
about 1600 m (Lykaio)
Postal code: 222 00
Area/distance code: 11-30-27910-2
Municipal code: 0516
Car designation: TR
Name of inhabitants: Megalopolitan sing.
-s pl.
3-letter abbreviation MGL
Address of administration: 30 Papanastasiou St.
Megalopoli 222 00

A wider highway southwest first opened in around the 1980s. Megalopolis is now bypassed by a new freeway connecting from Kalamata and Athens. Construction began in 1999 in the southwest and headad northeast in 2001 and was opened to traffic in 2002. The freeway now runs between the little villages Perivolia and Routsi, and there lies the Alfeios River.

In 1993, a brush fire burned much of eastern Megalopolis and the Tsiberou area. It burnt approximately 50 to 60 square kilometres of land.

In 2007 houses were destroyed in Megalopolis by the fires like in many other places in Greece. In Arkadia Anemodouri, Routsi, Mallota, Perivolia, Rapsommati, Elenitsa and other places experienced damages from the fires.

  • North: Gortyna
    West: Figaleia
    Megalopoli East: Valtetsi
    South: Falaisia

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