Kavasila, rarely Kavassila (Greek: Modern: , Ancient/Katharevoussa: Καβάσιλας) is a small town that is part of Gastouni in NNW Ilia. Its population is around 800. It is accessed by a highway linking Patras and Pyrgos, known as GR-9, the new highway now bypasses Kavasila. Distance from Patras is 66 km, SE of Kyllini, and 32.07 km from Pyrgos. Its latitude is 37.8667 N (37°52'27) and longitude is 21.2667 (21°15'52) E. Its elevation is about 20 m. Its area code is 26230. It is slightly about 500 m north of the Pineios River where an old bridge stood there but replaced it in 2001 to avoid collapsing and into 2 lanes. The railway line used to mark the beginning of a track of Vartholomio to Kyllini which it became shut down since about 2001. Until the late 20th century, this village was known as Kelevi. Its postal code is 273 00.

Its neighboring communities are Kardiakafti to the west, Andravida to the east, Lefkochori to the east and Gastouni to the south, the last two communities are south of the banks of Pineios.

The community has a train station, a small school and a square (plateia).

Population history:

Year Communal population
1981 1032
1991 1147
2001 1474


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