Kyllíni (Ilias)

Kyllíni (Κυλλήνη, classically Cyllene or Kyllênê) has the westernmost port in the peninsula, and a touristic destination in which hotels are founded. The city has a population of around 2,200 with Kato Panagia. Founded nearly 3,000 years ago, the population hasn't changed as much until the mid-20th century. The population has been at 100 or 200 during ancient times, and surpassed over 500 or 600 in the mid-20th century. The location is around 20.05 E or 20' 03 E and 37.9 or 37' 54 N. Its length of coastline is about 11 km with beaches, rocks, and coast. Much of its creeks and streams are very dry, and run or flow only after rainy weather.

Geography and Information

Founded in front of the Ionian coastline, this town has plenty of hotels and villas like the Avocado. and a spring S of Kyllini has the same name. The westernmost point of the

Population: 4,398(1991)
Elevation: sea level (centre)/5 m
Postal code: 270 68 (center)
270 50 (south)
Area/distance code: 11-30-27630 (030-26230)-2
Municipal code: 1712
Car designation: HA
Address of administration:
  • - Kyllini
  • - Cape Kyllini

    North: Ionian Sea
    West: Ionian Sea
    Kastro-Kyllini East: Lechaina, Andravida
    South: Vartholomio, Gastouni

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