Population: 5.348(2001)
Communes: 5
Elevation: 24 (centre)
Postal code: 270 50
Area/distance code: 11-30-26230 (030-26220-)
Municipal code: 1706
Car designation: HA
Address of administration: 2 Polytechneiou St.
Lechaina 270 53
(in Greek and English)

Vartholomio (Greek: , pre-1970s, -ιον, -ion) is a town, municipal department and a municipality in northwestern Ilia in Greece. Its population was 3093 in the year 2001. Elevation is 3 to 4 m above sea level. The Pineios River flows southeast of the town and empties into the Ionian Sea south of the centre, and a bridge was under repairs in 1997 for lane expansion. Distance is 4 km W of Gastouni, 4 km S of Dimitra, 14 km SE of Kyllini, 10 km E of Kyllini Baths, 34 km NW of Pyrgos, 74 km W of Patras. The closest beaches are founded southwest. The nieghboring communities and villages are Dimitra, Kardiakafti and Kastro to the north, Gastouni to the east and Lygia and Kyllini Baths to the west. It sits on a plain while olive groves and a forest on a hilling setting are founded, west of the town centre.

The town has a school, a church and a town square. Until 2002, the town used to have a freight yard which began when SPAP opened the line to Kyllini in the early 20th century. The freight yard is in the north along with the train tracks where it used to stand. In the late-20th century, one railway going to near Lygia closed down due to decreasing passengers, and later in 2002, the railway line from Kyllini to Kavasilas became abandoned and useless and there is no train station anymore.


In December 2, 2003 earthquare stroke the town and caused injuring 17 people and 100 houses were damaged, including its only school where one of the banners read "Peter 1" as in Peter, number 1.


Thines Beach 2 km from Vartholomio

Division of the municipality

Dimitra is a small village, and with Regleika (written as Reglaiika) a municpal district. Regleika is c. 1 km from Dimitra. The name is derived from the surname Regklis of many villagers.

Kalyvia (Kalyvia Myrtounton) is a village of the municipality of Vartholomio, earlier an independent community.


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