Kavos is a former wide awake fishing village turned clubbers' paradise in the 1990s (during the nu rave scene) on the island of Corfu in Greece. The main part of Kavos is the long strip which runs parallel to the coast line. All the bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, hotels and apartments are on this strip or near to it.


There is a five-mile long beach extending alongside the town. From the beach, it is possible to see the Greek mainland. There are over 75 bars, 4 discos, 36 tavernas, 6 restaurants and 8 cafes in Kavos.

A team of geographers have been employed for summer 2007 by the Mayor of Corfu to locate and eradicate the unknown smell that holiday makers often comment on. In an effort to save the island from likely civil war with drunk aliens, this crack team of experts will closely monitor the drinking establishments as well as identifying whether the pools are safe for canonballs. The more environmentally minded geographers are also keen to populate the island with the aye-aye who they believe will fill a required niche, with its long middle finger.

Kavos is very popular between June and September, appearing in holiday brochures of Club 18-30 and Twenties. It attracts the younger generation of people who want an alcohol fuelled holiday. Kavos seems a completely different place at night time than it does in the daytime.

Daytime activities

In the daytime, there are many outdoor activities to do such as Paintball, Go-Karting, Water Sports, Naked skydiving, Boat trips, Moped and Quad bike hire. For the more relaxed holiday, there are over 15 restaurants with a variety of choice from McDonald's to traditional Greek food.

Most bars are open in the daytime, and many show English channels use Sky TV and DVD movies. If there are any sport events on, they will be shown. If they aren't, the bar staff will probably change the channel if you ask them. Most bars have a pool table and sometimes arcade games.


There are shops scattered about on the Kavos strip that sell a variety of things including clothes, hats, sunglasses, towels etc. There are also a number of mini marts that sell food supplies, bathroom supplies, alcohol and cigarettes. Cigarettes sold in the resort will be the same as the price you would expect to pay at the airport and can buy in bulk amounts (i.e. 200)

There are also a few tattoo parlours in the resort. These are dubbed "The Kavos Butcher" which also offer piercing and beauty accessories.


Most of the hotels and apartments have their own swimming pools and will allow anyone to use these. There is, however, a charge for the sun loungers which are normally on average €1.50. Tour operator exclusive accommodation such as Trabukos will have entertainment at pool side from the club reps. This normally includes drinking games, pool games and live record scratching.


In the evening, the main Kavos strip is full of people, most under the influence of alcohol, outside every bar, restaurant or club. You can expect to see a PR that will invite you into their bar/club/restaurant and will offer you a special deal. Most of the people that do this are British people, who are working out there for the summer and many of these will be able to give good advice to what’s hot and what’s not.

Also on the strip, expect to be hassled into buying a hat, glow stick, whistle or flowers from the street sellers, most of whom are Albanian migrants, who will dress up in shabby clothes and use children to flog the goods to force you into buying them through sympathy. Many will try to take advantage of the fact that almost everyone in Kavos is under the influence of alcohol - they use all the old tricks in the book - pretending you only gave them a €5 note as opposed to a €10 or most will be haggled with the price, take your money then not give you any change and walk off. If you do happen to buy something and haggle the price, pay with exact money.

Bar Crawls

An excursion which your holiday rep will try and sell you tickets for is the Bar Crawl, where they take you around the bars of Kavos, getting you special deals such as buy one get one free when the bar crawl is in that particular bar. This bar crawl is popular and many drinking games are played on it. These crawls normally end in a club in the resort.

Clubbing / Music

The main club in Kavos is Futures - which every Wednesday hosts a Trinity club event and feature DJ's and MC's such as MC Lipton, Piped Piper, Judge Jules, Rat Pack, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Skibadee, Westwood & Heartless Crew. Other nights of the week there will be school discos here and other such themed nights. Behind Futures, there is a beach club called Atlantis which is open from 2am until 7am, or whenever the last person leaves. Atlantis also hosts foam parties as well as S=X club.

Music is varied in Kavos. Most bars play pop anthems, R'n'B, dance, funky house and remixes, though if you want drum and bass, MCing or even rock music, you will find a bar that plays this.

Popular bars include Rolling Stones, 42nd Street, Snobs, Rockys, Edelweiss, Crash Bar and The Barn.


Scene of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake 29/6/07.


Reviews of Kavos

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