Lefkochori (Greek: ) is a small village that is part of Gastouni in NNW Ilia. Its population is around 400. Primary access to the village is through a highway linking Patras and Pirgos, known as GR-9. Its altitude is around 20m. Distance to Pyrgos is approximately 32km SE. The bordering towns are Gastouni to the north, Agia Mavia to the East, Koroivos to the South, and Kavasila to the West. Much of the land is used for farming of crops such as tomatoes, watermelons, corn and the raising of livestock. In recent years the population has declined, causing the closing of the town's school. Additionally, two government projects aimed at the improvement of the town, a fountain in the town square and a playground, have fallen into disrepair.

The postal code for the village is 27300.

Population History

Year Population

1981 401 -
1991 549
2001 632

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