Psyttaleia Lighthouse

Psyttaleia or Psyttalia (Greek: ) is an island between Piraeus and Salamis. The area is approximately 0.375 km2 .

Psyttaleia, Google Earth

The Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant is Europe’s largest sewage treatment facility which covers almost the entire island. (Currently only two plants in the world are larger).


Some Persian forces were stationed on the island in 480 BC. After the battle of Salamis they were attacked by Aristides. All Persians invaders were killed.


Then one comes to the harbor Phoron, and to Psyttalia, a small, deserted, rocky island, which some have called the eyesore of the Peiraeus. And near by, too, is Atalanta, which bears the same name as the island near Euboea and the Locrians, and another island similar to Psyttalia.


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