Pentéli or Pendeli, (Greek: Πεντέλη, ancient forms: Pentele, Pentelikon or Pentelicus, and Vrilissos or Vrilittos (Greek: Βριλησσός, Βριληττός), Mendeli in medieval times) is a tall mountain and mountain range situated northeast of

Population: (1991)

abound 280 m
422 m(centre)
1,108 m, Penteli
Postal code: 152 36
Area/distance code: 11-30-210 (030-210)
-800 through 809
Statistical code: 0138
Car designation: Y (prev.)
Z pres.
3-letter abbreviation: PDL (Pendeli)
Address of administration: 25 Vas. Konstantinou St.
Penteli 152 36

In antiquity, Penteli was famous for its marble which was used for the construction of the Acropolis and other buildings of ancient Athens. Penteli marble is flawless white with a uniform, faint yellow tint, which makes it shine with a golden hue under sunlight. The best marble was from the so-called cave of Davelis at 720 m. The ancient quarry is protected by law and used exclusively to obtain material for the Acropolis Restoration Project. The roadway used to transport marble blocks from the quarry to the Acropolis in antiquity is a continual downhill and follows the natural lay of the land; it has been researched and fully documented by the chief Acropolis restoration architect, Professor Manolis Korres in his award-winning book "From Pentelicon to the Parthenon".

A monastery is located in the middle of the mountain NE of city centre.

In 1952 a small cave was found that was in use as a religious place from the 5th century BC to 2nd century AD with lamps, pottery and objects dedicated to the Nymphs and Pan. The Reliefs of Agathemeros (Inv. 4466) and of the three founders (Inv. 4465) found in that cave are now in the National Museum in Athens.

A fire in early July 1995 consumed much of the mountain forest and the eastern half became residential areas of the Athens area. The volume of smoke was tremendous; it nearly covered the entire northeastern part of Athens. All terrestrial television stations covered the fire, with the exception of some times on the weekend. The fire lasted about 5 days; it began on Friday and continued into the next week. It reached east of Penteli about 5:30 PM local time and then the Pentelis and Vrilissia, consuming a couple of houses on Friday night (about 9:00 PM BNST, 7:00 PM UTC), the northern range on Saturday morning, then Rhea on Saturday afternoon, Anoixi on Monday, and Dionysus communities on Saturday. It consumed three quarters of the slopes of Penteli. It was the worst forest fire Athens and Greece had seen in the 20th century.

Series of fires also occurred after the major fire devastated the mountain range from 1998 to 2001. Much of the fires were arson-related and suspects were arrested.

Fires also in 2007 (16 August) destoyed areas in Penteli, including houses. The fires reached Melissia.



Penteli is also a community currently divided into Palaia Penteli or Old Penteli, and Nea Penteli or New Pentéli communities. One of the city halls is located next to city square. It is one of the largest non-municipal communes in the prefecture. About 80% of the non-urban land is Penteli mountain. Its main streets are divided into two one-way streets linking to Kifissia and the other ro Vrilissia and one linking north to Dionyssos and Rea.

Entrance to the municipality of Penteli

The center of Penteli

Entrance of the Penteli Monastery

Penteli Monastery with inscription about the hidden school

Tourelle tower

The Plaisance residence at Penteli

The area in the western and the northern portion of Nea Penteli were made up of farmlands. Suburban Much of the population live in larger homes and the population is mainly low to mid density. The forests lie to the north and to the east on the Penteli mountains, some urban areas lie sporadically in the northern and the eastern parts. The part of Penteli lies to the north and northeast.

Nea Penteli has few schools, lyceums, a gymnasium, banks, a post office and a few squares (plateies).

Historical population

Year Communal population
1981 2286
1991 2706 (town), 3197

Northwest: Dionysos (community) North: Dionysos (community) and Nea Makri Northeast: Nea Makri
West: Nea Penteli (community)
Penteli (community) East: Nea Makri
Southwest: Vrilissia) South: Anthousa (community), Gerakas, Palini and Pikermi (commune) Southeast: Rafina

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