Ancient Greek Fashion

Michael Lahanas

Αρχαία Ελληνική Ενδυμασία

, "The two on the left fill a basket with yarn; the next two fold the finished cloths; one spins fine thread next to a woman combing wool into a basket; two others work together at a warp-weighted vertical


Chlaina (χλαῖνα): a woolen cloth for men carried in the winter over the shoulders

Chlamys, a small mantle was used for travel or riding. It was fastened with a fibula in front or on one shoulder. Boy Wearing a Chlamys (Tralles c. 250 BC)

The great always grim looking orator
Demosthenes shows us his himation.

Himation “mantle”

Perizoma (περιζωμα), a kind of simple underwear (cotton or linen or other material, a hair skirt, perizoma , worn by members of the satyr chorus,seen in a late-fifth-century BC vase by the Pronomos painter: Naples, Museo Nazionale Archeologico, 3240; Beazley, ARV (n. 3), 2: 1336, no. 1; illustrated in Arias, Hirmer, and Shefton, History (n. 3), plate 218.

Podeia, a kind of socks produced by a material from plants, according to Theophrastus. Called impilia by the Romans. The sculpture The Ephebe of Tralleis wears such socks.

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