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Zeus , Zeus Gallery, (Stamps of Zeus)

Moral crimes of Zeus, a black list of incest and adultery related stories

Zeus Temple in Olympia and the Labour of Heracles

Most of the labours of Heracles are represented at Olympia. Above the doors of the temple is carved the hunting of the Arcadian boar, his exploit against Diomedes the Thracian, and that against Geryones at Erytheia; he is also about to receive the burden of Atlas, and he cleanses the land from dung for the Eleans. Above the doors of the rear chamber he is taking the girdle from the Amazon; and there are the affairs of the deer, of the bull at Cnossus, of the Stymphalian birds, of the hydra, and of the Argive lion. Pausanias 5.10.1

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Dias (Zeus), Cretan Music, Psarantonis


Zeuxo and Chrysippos BM E65

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