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, Algardi Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary (1598-1654)

, Terracotta, Algardi, Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia 1650/59

, Johann Ulrich Krauss 1690

, Sebastiano Ricci 1713

Pompeo Batoni. 1765 (*)

Centraurs hunting a boar, "Centaures chassant un sanglier", Louis Fréderic Schützenberger 1766

Venus in the Forge of Vulcan, Venus in der Schmiede des Vulkan, Johann Martin Schmidt (1718 Grafenwörth, - 1801 Stein) c. 1768

The arbitrage of King Midas related to Apollo and Marsyas, Der Schiedsspruch des Königs Midas zwischen Apoll und Marsyas Johann Martin Schmidt (1718 Grafenwörth, - 1801 Stein) )

Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan, Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée , 1768

, marble sculpture , Johan Tobias Sergel 1774

Philoctetes, Nikolaj Abraham Abildgaard c. 1775

Hermes and Argus, Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov c. 1775

Perseus and Andromeda, Sculpture, Franz Anton Zauner, 1777

Mercury in the workshop of the sculptor, Januarius Zick, 1777

Daedalus Attaching Wings to Icarus, Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov 1777

Mercury or the Trade Augustin Pajou 1780

Tiresias, Johann Heinrich Füssli 1780/5

Venus and Adonis, Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov, 1782

Andromache Mourning Hector , Jacques-Louis David 1783

The Reconciliation of Helen and Paris after his Defeat by Menelaus , Richard Westall 1784

Psyche, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1786

The Infant Hercules Strangling the Serpents , Joshua Reynolds 1786

The Infant Hercules Strangling Serpents in His Crade, Sir Joshua Reynolds 1786/8

Jupiter and Ganymede, Grangerel, engraving after Rubens 1786/1808

Psyche Crowning Cupid, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Diana, sculpture, Jean-Antoine Houdon 1790

Bacchus and a Faun , sculpture, Francesco Righetti,1791

Cupid and Psyche , Angelica Kauffmann 1792

Amor and Psyche Antonio Canova, 1793

Prometheus and the First Man. Sculpture, Pietro Stagi 1783/93

Amphion and Naiads, Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun 1793/5

Psyche revived by the kiss of Love Antonio Canova 1793

The daughters of Pandareus, Johann Heinrich, c. 1795

Apollo and Daphne, Andrea Appiani 1795/1800

* Odysseus between Scyla and Charybdis, Johann Heinrich Füssli, 1794/96

* Heracles and Lichas, Antonio Canova 1796.

Cupid and Psyche Contemplating a Butterfly, Antonio Canova 1796/1800

Pygmalion and Galatea, Louis Gauffier 1797.

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