Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich, Germany

Attic bowl, formerly with a lid, ca. 600 BC.

Jug eyes 600-550 BC

Krater Analatos

Hedgehog. Aryballos c. 600 BC

Aryballos head Corinthian helmet c. 600 BC

Kylix demon 620 BC

Jug Corinth c. 620 BC

Corinthian oinochoe scale decor c. 630 BC

Corinthian oinochoe animal frieze 630 BC

Owl-shaped protocorinthian aryballos, ca. 650 BC

Cup birds 730 BC

Oinochoe grazing roe 750 BC

Terracotta swans family

Terracotta Centaur

Vase Sphinx 680 BC

Bowl hare hunting

Jug 850 BC

Three-feet support 850 BC

Terracotta doll Boeotia

Vase squid 1300-1200 BC

Aryballos sphinxes owls

Stirrup vase 14-13th c. BC

Cup goats 14th c. BC

Woman crossed arms, Crete

Lady Cretan costume 1400 BC

Pregnant Cycladic figurine

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