Ulysses' Gaze

Ulysses' Gaze
Ulysses' Gaze DVD Cover
Directed by Theo Angelopoulos
Produced by Phoebe Economopoulos
Eric Heumann
Giorgio Silvagni
Written by Theo Angelopoulos
Tonino Guerra
Petros Markaris
Giorgio Silvagni
Kain Tsitseli
Starring Harvey Keitel
Maia Morgenstern
Erland Josephson
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Cinematography {{{cinematography}}}
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Distributed by Roissy Films
Released September 13, 1995 (France)
Running time 176 min.
Language English
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Ulysses' Gaze (To Vlemma tou Odyssea) (1995) is a film directed by Theo Angelopoulos.


An exiled Greek filmmaker is returning home and sets out on an epic journey across the battered Balkans in search of three lost reels of film by the Manakis brothers, the pioneering photographers who introduced movies into the Balkans at the beginning of the century.

The search for the reels of film works as a metaphor for a search for the common history of the Balkan countries.


Grand Jury Prize 1995 - Cannes Film Festival

Critics Award 1995 - European Film Academy


  • Harvey Keitel
  • Maia Morgenstern
  • Erland Josephson
  • Thanassis Vengos
  • Yorgos Michalakopoulos


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Ulysses’ Gaze

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