AEP Paphos FC

AEP Paphos (Greek: Αθλητική Ένωση Πάφος; Athletic Union Paphos) is a cypriot football club based in Paphos. The club was formed in 2000 after the merger of the two clubs of Paphos, APOP and Evagoras. The stadium of the team is Pafiako Stadium located in the city of Pafos in Cyprus.


APOP and Evagoras were the two clubs of Paphos playing sometimes in First and sometimes in Second Division. In contrast with the other Districts of Cyprus and other major towns, which had permanent teams in First Division, Paphos did not have because the two clubs could not remain in First Division for many years. For this reason the two clubs were merged to form AEP Paphos because the people of Paphos wanted a permanent team in First Division.

When the two clubs joined to form AEP, APOP was in First Division and Evagoras was in the Second one. Since APOP was in the First Division, the new-formed club of Paphos began its history from the First. They remained there until 2005, when the team for first time relegated to the Second Division. However despite that the team for the season 2005/06 was playing in the Second Division, on April 2006 they had their greatest success as a club since the team qualified for first time to the semi finals of Cyprus Cup by eliminating Olympiakos Nicosia. In the semi finals of the Cup they faced AEK Larnaca and despite the fact that Paphos was not beaten in none of the matches against AEK, they were eliminated with scores 1-1 at home and 0-0 away.

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