Marios Constantinou

, Cyprus) is a former international Cypriot football midfielder and the current manager of Enosis Neon Paralimni. In the past he was footballer of Pezoporikos and AEK Larnaca under the instructions of the first coach of AEK Larnaca Andreas Mouskallis. He also played for Ethnikos Achnas and Omonia Aradippou having just one appearance with Cyprus national football team.
Career as a footballer

* 1986-1994: Pezoporikos
* 1994-1995: AEK Larnaca
* 1995-1996: Ethnikos Achnas
* 1996-1998: Omonia Aradippou

Career as a manager

* June 2002- May 2005: Digenis Morphou
* June 2005- November 2005: APOEL FC
* December 2005- September 2007: AEK Larnaca
* October 2007- Present: Enosis Neon Paralimni

Offer to teams which served as manager

Digenis Morphou

He took the technical leadership of Digenis Morphou on the verge of destruction in 2002, he managed to promote the team to the Cypriot First Division. During the period 2004-05 - which was the last season in the team from Morphou-he raised the team in the fifth place of the league and leading it to the Cup Final of the Cypriot Cup. Of course, this opened the interest of APOEL after the resignation of Werner Lorant as coach, leaving up to the goalkeeper of that team Digenis Savvas Constantinou in the post.


In APOEL he work only 5 months as coach and was unable to meet the requirements of the factors of APOEL and November 2005 was previously by the group of Nicosia. He led the team to the First Round of UEFA Cup by knocking out Birkirkara F.C. in the first qualifying round and Maccabi Tel Aviv in the second qualifying round. In first round APOEL excluded from Hertha Berlin. With Marios Constantinou as manager APOEL was at second place undefeated and have only four goals against in ten matches. Next stop of his career was AEK Larnaca.

AEK Larnaca

Having players like Narcis Răducan, Ismail Ba and Azubuike Oliseh led the team in the cup final, as well as Digenis Morphou last season, against APOEL, his previous team. With APOEL winning 3-2 at extra time with the scorer Sása Jovanović in 111' with AEK have complaints to arbitration.

Season 2006-07

Mustapha Kamal N'Daw, Donny de Groot, Jatto Ceesay and other players acquired by AEK Larnaca enthuse the fans of the team after they sent it to the semi-finals which was knocked out from the Anorthosis 2-1 ,1-1. Until a few weeks before the end of the league was in 4th place and fall until 7th.

Season 2007-08[1]

2nd Day

Second match and AEK Larnaca calls early to prove that this year it wants and can overcome. The roster of also leaves no room for another addition to being a protagonist for this year. In the team came players such as Edgaras Jankauskas, Nordin Wooter and José Manuel Rey who added quality to the team. In the second match, then faces AC Omonia in GSP Stadium and while every indication after a very good appearance in the first 80 minutes of the game, then something has changed and AEK returned to the same denominator. Within 10 minutes breaks downs that it has built and is essentially the beginning of the end of another one failed year. While there is in front in the score with 2-1 and just ten minutes before the end of the match left with 9 players. Here to say that this contribution had the eristic arbitration and Mr Kapitanis intact but the responsibility lies with José Manuel Rey has exhausted all limits of patience that reason player who accepts a second yellow card and sent off. Finally, AEK losing the match 3-2 and the end of the game is technical leadership and players against each other since Marios Constantinou wants to control José Manuel Rey for his action, with the second does not accept this audit. The lack of administration to support the coach of the team and to impose strict control to players entitles the principle of the removal of the technical leadership.

3rd Day

Where stopped AEK continued to the next match against AEL in Larnaca which leaves other three valuable points to lose and already beginning to lose ground from the beginning. The equal result with AEL 2-2 intensify the tension that exists between players and technical leadership. Marios Constantinou away from the limelight of publicity gives the resignation which is not acceptable. The replacement scenarios give and take but then the situation simply transfer the problem to the next match.

4th Day

In the fourth game with the Doxa, technical leadership and officially give the resignation, which is irrevocable after the players did not hear anymore in instructions and make it possible to leave this coach. Here, note that even here AEK divided into two camps with some players wanting Marios Constantinou and others to seek his resignation. A characteristic fact is that every time AEK scored the «other AEK» scored against our group bringing the game to equal. Legitimate the reaction of the world as usually throw the blame on the coach. In his statements Marios Constantinou said that leaves bitter from AEK, not so much on the attitude of some players but the attitude of some executives who do not want him in the team. At that time we had no to say something and tried to keep low profile in the interest of the team. Here ends a period led by Marios Constantinou who goes to Enosis Neon Paralimni[2] and leaves behind him that he built from the start of the season.


[edit] As footballer


* Cypriot Championship:
o Champions (1):1988

AEK Larnaca

* Cypriot Cup:
o Runner-up (1): 1996

As manager

AEK Larnaca

* Cypriot Cup:
o Runner-up (1): 2006
o Semifinals (1): 2007

Digenis Morphou

* Cypriot Second Division:
o Runner-up (1): 2002
* Cypriot Cup:
o Runner-up (1): 2005


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