Athinas Street

Athinas Street (Greek: Οδός Αθηνάς) is a street in downtown Athens in Greece. It is named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The street runs from Ermou Street up north to Omonoia Square. Its total length is nearly 1 km of which 80 m is a walkway since 1999. Until 1999, it used to accessed with Omonoia Square, not motorists can now access via Lykourgos Street eastward for Aiolou and 28 Oktovriou (Patissi) Street and other streets. North of Lykourgos is a pedestrian walkway. It has two lanes of which the edges are used for parking.

Famous buildings includes the Athens City Hall on the west side and office towers northward. The Modern Agora is east of Athinas Street. The famous Kotzia Square lies to the east as well as Karamanou Square eastward. Shops and residential buildings lies to the south with neo-classical buildings. The rest of the architecture except for the city hall and square are modernistic. For the entire distance, the ISAP Green Line runs underneath the street.

In June, 2008, the mayoir of Athens, Nikitas Kaklamanis, began work to have the street pedestrianised. The street will be closed to most traffic and emphasis will be given to making it one of Athens' greenest streets.


The road was first paved in the late-19th century. Modernistic buildings were added in the 1950s to the north and later, street lights and traffic lights were posted at the used intersections including Ermou, Evrypidou, Sofokleous and Lykourgos. In the 1990s, smaller lampposts were posted and the northern section along with Omonoia was under reconstruction and a section became a walkway, pedestrian traffic lights were added on the Omonoia having full access to the Attiko Metro's Omonoia station.


In order from south to north

* Ermou Street
* Agiis Eirinis Street - east
* Voreou Street - east
* Protogenous Street - west
* Vyssis Street - east
* Pallados Street - west
* Vlachava Street - east
* Evrypidou Street
* Aristogenous Street
* Armodiou Street
* Sofokleous Street
* Kratinou Street - east
* Efpolidos Street - east
* Lykourgos Street - east
* Omonoia Square

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