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Bonteika, pronunciation: BOHN-dhehee-kah (Greek: Μποντέικα, formerly: Μποντάϊικα), formerly Bontaiika, pre-1990s, Bondeika, rarely Bouteika is a small village that is part of the community of Sageika in the prefecture of Achaia. It is in the western part of Movri. It's located between Lappa and Sageika on the state/national GR-9. Distance from Patras is 34 km SW and 60 km (old distance: 67 km) N of Pyrgos. The nearby villages and towns are Lappa with the community of Metochi to the west Araxos to the N, Sageika to the E and Krinos and Riolos to the S.

Location: || 38° 6′23″N, 22° 26′23″E

Postal code: 252 00

Elevation: about 5 m

Population: 167 (1991)

Dialing code: 26930 - 3, (Sageika)

The village is small, the nearest school is in Sageika. The central part of the village is covered with farms, forests and olive groves.

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