Location: 38.1/38°6'14' N
21.465/21°27/58' E.
86.48 km²
Population: 5140 (2001)
Communes: 6
Elevation: about 10 m
Postal code: 250 05
Area/distance code: 11-30-26930-4 (030-26930-4)
Municipal code: 0715
Car designation: AX
Address of administration:
Sageika 250 05

The village has a church, a school. It is situated in a middle of a plain. The western part of the commune which includes Fragka is mainly poor. 1 km west of Sageika is a fruit and agrigultural plant which has existed for about 25 to 30 years.

In 1876 a lawyer from Patras obtained the area which he used as a farmland. Villagers from Peristera worked there and moved to the new formed village of Sageika. Later Sagis selled the area he owned.

Sageika is also the seat of the municipality of Movri, named for is mountain range south of the village.