Elatochori is a small village in Greece in the province of Pieria . The village with a population 715 (2001) is part of the municipality of Pieries. It was named after the fit trees in the region. It was formed from a nearby old settlement Palio Eltochori (alt c. 800 m)

The old village was known in the past as Skouterna (from Skoutia , "drapery") until in 1928 it was renamed to Elatochrori. In the 1950s the new village of Elatochori was founded after landslides and an incrases population. Only few houses remain in Palio Elatochori.

Elatochori has a growing small ski resort (1400-1800 m) which started in 2001 (8 km from the village or 36 km from Katerini) and a very beutiful landscape. It is near Mount Olympus.

The village has a folklore museum.

Ski center Elatochori (Source)

Ski center Elatochori

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