Karkinagri (or Karkinagrio) (Greek: ) is a village of the Raches municipality of the Samos prefecture. The picturesque village of Karkinagri stands solitary by the promontory of "Pappas" in the southwestern tip of Icaria (or Ikaria), Greece. It has about 204 permanent inhabitants (2001), but in summertime the population increases substantially. In a landscape of wild grandeur this pretty fishing village, "the village of silence," is surrounded by giant rocks and in the background rises the majestic Atheras mountain range.


Karkinagri is a Greek village on the Island of Ikaria (a.k.a. Icaria) that lies in the Agean Sea.

[1] Karkinagri is located in the soutwest corner of Ikaria near Kavo Pappas.


Karkinagri is one of the more recently developed villages on the island. Although its natural port sea front majestic beauty have always been an attraction to would be settlers, it wasn't safe during times of war. In the past Ikarians were famous for making their house out of rocks to disguise themselves from pirates. Karkinagri was completely to close to the shore to even be considered a possibility for inhabitance. All that changed though with the passing of older times when pirates still romed the seven seas.


The imposing topography is made even more dramatic by the coastline dropping off steeply in sheer cliffs, which do not however discourage the holiday makers and locals from enjoying the crystal clear sea around Karkinagri via the local beaches. Karkinagri's village houses are well taken care of with their white-washed flowery yards and gardens. The beautiful village square with the typical "kafenia"(coffee-shops), the big church, and the primary school ornament this fishing village. A little farther on the inlet of the village, Livada, has a small marina full of boats and fishing caiques. There are also tavernas, cafes and pensions/rooms for rent. It is worth visiting the lovely traditional village feast on the 26th of July, the day of Agia Paraskevi.

Today it is inhabited by a small number of villagers. The population expands subtantially in the summer with the advent of vacations and trips to visit family members.

The village has little in the way of ammenities due in part to the lack of fresh water and unreliable electricity supply. The villagers and their families seem to make due though.

The nightlife in Karkinagri is rather simple, consisting of three choices, Turn in for bed, or choose one of the two local bars affectionatley labeled the "Up Bar" and the "Down Bar" referring to their altitude in relation to the center of town.

Karkinagri is a place many people call home. The number of people who live abroad whos roots lie in karkinagri is actually larger than the number of people who live there year round. Many of those people who live abroad

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