Periphery: Epirus
Prefecture : Arta

Arta, Kompoti municipality

Kompoti, also Komboti and Koboti (Greek, Modern: /kobóti/) is a municipality in the prefecture of Arta, Greece. Its 2001 population was 2,128 for the town, 2,385 for the municipal district and 3,485 for the municipality. Kompoti is linked with the road connecting the GR-5/E55 ((Patras - )Antirrio - Agrinio - Arta - Ioannina) and the Pindus mountains. Kompoti is located north of Amfilochia and Agrinio, east-northeast of Preveza and southeast of Arta. The Ambracian Gulf is to the south


Kompoti did not join Greece until the liberation of the modern southeastern Arta which included most of Thessaly in 1881 and was one of the few towns to annex early to Greece. Its economy slowly improved after the end of the Turkish rule over the modern southeastern Arta and later Epirus.

Electricity and automobiles arrived in the 1960s, it was linked with pavement in the late-20th century, television arrived in the 1980s. Internet and computers arrived in the late-1990s.


Kompoti has a few schools, a lyceum (middle school), a gymnasium (secondary school) a few churches, banks, a post office, and a square (plateia), its nearest hospital and university are in the city of Ioannina.

Kompoti is also the birtplace of Nikolaos Skoufas (Greek: Νικόλαος Σκουφάς), one of the founders of Filiki Eteria (spelled also Philikí Etaireía, Greek alphabet: Φιλική Εταιρεία or Εταιρεία των Φιλικών), meaning Society of Friends in Greek, which was a secret organization working in the early 19th century, whose purpose was to overthrow Ottoman rule over Greece and to establish an independent Greek state.

Division of the municipality

  • Kompotion / Δ.δ. Κομποτίου [ 2357 ]
    • Kompotion / το [ 2128 ]
    • Agios Nikolaos / ο Άγιος Νικόλαος [ 229 ]
  • Sellades / Δ.δ. Σελλάδων [ 754 ]
    • Sellades / οι [ 687 ]
    • Alonia / τα [ 67 ]
  • Foteinon / Δ.δ. Φωτεινού -- το [ 374 ]

Foteino (*)

Foteino (*)

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