Periphery: East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture : Kavala

Thasos, Gold Stater, (Krinides) 357 BC Heracles and Tripod (THASION EPEIRO)

Prefecture: Kavala prefecture
Provinces: Kavala

41.021/41°1'23" N .
24.291/24°17'26" E
Population: (2001)

Drama plain
78 m (centre)
southern part
Number of subdivisions: -
Postal code: 640 03
Area/distance code: 11-30-Greece dialing code

2510 (0030-2510)-51

Municipal code: 2310
Car designation: KB
3-letter abbreviation: FLP Filippi
Name of inhabitants: Pydnan sing.
s pl.

Krinides or Crenides (Greek, Modern/Monotonic: Κρηνίδες, Ancient/Polytonic: Κρηνἱδες) is a town and an ancient site that includes the archaeological site of Philippi in the Kavala prefecture in eastern Macedonia. Krinides is the seat of the municipality of Filippoi south of the Pangaion hills. The mountains dominate most of the municipality including the Lekani mountains while the farmlands as well as the Philippi-Drama plain is to the northwest. Krenides is located SE of Serres, E of Thessaloniki, SW of Drama and NW of Kavala.

Ancient Crenides

Crenides was a colony of the island of Thasos. Crenides was founded in 360 BC by the Athenian politician in exile Callistratus in the foothills south of Mount Orbelos (modern Lekani) in eastern Macedonia. The name originiates from the present close to the sources. The small colony was threatened by Thracian tribes and probably had a conflict with the metropolis. In 356 BC, called in by the King Philip II of Macedon with his help. This lasted to the refoundation of the city which was renamed Philippi after himself.

Modern Krinides

Krinides is a modern town located near GR-12/E90 and is accessed with the Via Egnatia. The name Krinides was taken to a small village close to the archaeological site of Philippi and the municipality is named after the ancient city. In 1922, Greek refugees arrived from Asia Minor during the Greco-Turkish War and the descendants make up most of the population.


Krinides has a few schools, a lyceum, a gymnasia, a church and a square (plateia).

Historical population

Year Population Municipal population
1981 2811 -
1991 3005 -
2001 3295 10827

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